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California Unemployment Rate At Record High

California’s unemployment rate hit a modern record of 12.6 percent in March according to a report issued by the California Employment Development Department.

More than 2.3 million Californians remained unemployed, with 362,000 more people jobless than a year ago. California’s jobless rate grew from 12.5 percent in February after holding steady for a month. The rate was 10.6 percent in March 2009.

On average, there are 5.5 job applicants for every opening, according to Maurice Emsellem, policy co-director at the National Employment Law Project. For those about to lose benefits, the clock is ticking. “Jobs have not been quickly multiplying, so there’s a lot of people who are still in need of assistance.” said Loree Levy, a spokeswoman with the Employment Development Department.

Michigan leads the nation with a 14.1 percent unemployment rate, followed by Nevada at 13.4 percent. California was tied with Rhode Island for the third-highest jobless rate.

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